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PA System Installs

Church Solutions LLC PA Sound System Installation

Church Solutions LLC has years of expertise when it comes to PA sound systems for Churches. From analog to digital boards, we offer affordable solutions to meet your budget. We do recommend digital boards by Behringer, which give clear and pristine sound, especially when Live Streaming. 

TRAINING:  Our training includes hands on. We will spend approximately 3 hours of training after the installation. We will stay for at least one service and oversee the operation, assisting the trainee if needed. 

SUPPORT:  Our support is ongoing. We are available for easy contact, even during a service. Most often, our staff can troubleshoot over the phone. 

WARRANTY:  The main components come with a 2 year and 3 year warranties. The estimate you receive will stipulate which item has which warranty. 

Contact us today to discuss your Church PA Sound System needs